February 2019 Menu

French onions soup with cheese crouton £6
Chicken kebab with sweet chilli and lime glaze £6
Green lipped mussels with Guinness and bacon, ciabatta bread Sm £7 Lrg £12
Oven roasted garlic mushrooms with focaccia bread £6
Flat bread with humous, tzatziki and olives Sm £5 Lrg £7
Battered halloumi with rocket, tomato salad and spicy cranberry £6
D.I.Y nachos with sour cream, jalapeños and guacamole Plain £5 Cheese £6

Main Course
The French burger with brie and red onion chutney with skinny fries and slaw £13
Spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread and parmesan crisps £10
Overnight roasted beef bourguignon, thyme mash and red wine juices £13
Two hutchinsons pork sausages with fried eggs and bubble and squeak £12
10oz Ribeye steak, grilled mushroom, tomato and chunky chips £20
Thai green curry with steamed jasmine rice and prawn crackers – Tofu £11 Chicken £12
Battered haddock with chunky chips and peas £13
Grilled sweet and sour mushrooms with dirty rice and prawn crackers £12
Spaghetti with tomato, basil, olives and fresh chilli – warm ciabatta £10k

Rocket and Nutbourne tomato salad £4
Beer battered onion rings (10) £4
Dirty chips (cheese, bacon and crispy onions) £4.50
Flatbread with tomato & cheddar £5
Ciabatta and butter £3
Children’s dishes available upon request

Please allow 15 – 20 minutes for your dishes as we take pride and cook fresh. This may be longer at extremely busy periods. Each dish from above has been carefully crafted to complement each other and therefore alterations to these dishes cannot be made. Please note that we make our food from scratch in an environment that contains traces of nuts, milk, eggs, soya bean, wheat, fish and shellfish. Please ask a member of staff if you require assistance when ordering. Many Thanks, Richard and the Team



Minted pea and shredded ham soup £6

Risotto balls (beef) with tomato and basil sauce £7

Salt and pepper calamari with tartar sauce £6

Green lipped mussels with white wine, garlic, cream and ciabatta SML £7 LRG £12

Nachos with melted cheddar, chunky chilli, sour cream and guacamole SML £6 LRG £8

Flatbread with humous, tzatziki and sweet chilli SML £5 LRG £7


The British burger, handmade with streaky bacon, stilton, chunky chips and slaw £13

Sweet and sour stir fry with chicken, pak choi and pineapple, steamed rice and pray crackers £12

Overnight roasted beef bourguignon, thyme mash and pan juice £13

Pork ribs with honey and sea salt or BBQ, skinny fries and onion rings £12

Rother Valley Organics 10oz ribeye steak with melted cheddar, caramelised onion chutney and chunky chips £20

Bucket of chicken wings with skinny fries and slaw (hot chilli, sweet chilli or BBQ) £10

Grilled root vegetable and quinoa burger with sweet potato fries and slaw £10

Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, toasted pine nuts, garlic and pesto £10 Add chicken £13

Grilled seabass fillet with lemon, black sesame seed and basil risotto £14


Dirty chips (cheese, bacon and crispy onions) £4

Beer battered onion rings (10) £4.50

Flatbread with tomato and cheddar £5

Rocket, nutbourne tomato and pesto salad £4


Homemade chocolate brownie with hot chocolate sauce and ice cream £5.50

Waffles with hazelnut ice cream, maple syrup and crushed nuts £5.50

Pear and caramel sponge with custard £5.50

Trio of mini desserts (mississipi mud pie, pecan pie, key lime pie) £5.50

Tartufo limocello £4

Isle of Wight cheeseboard £7

November Menu


Chinese pork and egg noodle soup £6

Wild mushroom and dolce latte cheese tart with onion marmalade £7

King prawns with garlic and white wine served with foccacia £8

Salt and pepper squid nuggets with homemade tartar sauce £6.50

Stuffed mushrooms with gorgonzola and garlic mayo £6

Nachos, cheese, sour cream, pickled red cabbage, jalepenos, guacamole S £5 L £7


Pumpkin, wild mushroom and garlic cream risotto with garlic croutons £12

Rother Valley Organics pork chop with parmesan cream sauce, crispy parma ham and mash £15

Thai green curry with jasmine rice and prawn crackers – choice of chicken (£12) king prawn (£15) or vegetable (£10)

2 Hutchinson’s pork sausages with colcannon mash and caramelised onion gravy £12

Rother valley organics 10oz ribeye steak with skin on chips, peas and onion rings £20

Bucket of battered chicken chunks with skinny fries and house slaw with sweet chilli, hot chilli, barbecue or salt and pepper) £10

Ultimate cauliflower cheese with or without bacon bits and warm ciabatta £11

Beer battered cod fillets with skin on chips, peas and homemade tartar S £9 L £12


Rocket and nutbourne tomato salad £4

Dirty chips (cheese, bacon and crispy onions) £4.50


Waffles with hazlenut ice cream, syrup and crushed nuts

Gluten free pecan chocolate brownie with ice cream

Homemade tiramisu 

Homemade treacle sponge with custard

Homemade bread and butter pudding with custard

ALL £5.50


Supplied by Caroline’s Dairy

Vanilla ~ Chocolate ~ Strawberries and cream ~ Hazlenut ~ Banana fudge ~ Salted caramel ~ Lemon sorbet

£2.50 per scoop


Shredded ham with rocket, mature cheddar and onion chutney

Prawn, mayo and rocket

Mature cheddar with pickle

Four rashers of bacon and free range egg

Tavistock brie with red onion chutney

Tuna mayo and cucumber

Warm rare beef with tomato and horseradish

Tavistock brie and bacon

Steak, caramelised onion and jack cheese ciabatta melt

Choice of brown, white or ciabatta. Served with skinny fries and homemade slaw

All £6 – except steak (£7)